Five Weeks

The puppies are five weeks today! I can’t believe how fast time has flown and how much the puppies have changed. We have already found homes for half of the litter. Athena, Poseidon (Rocky)¬†Ares (Crocket) and Hera have all found great, new homes. We are all finding it so hard to think of the puppies … More Five Weeks

Four Weeks

The puppies are now four weeks and have started to pounce, run with gusto and play-fight. They are still nursing from Luna, but are now having several meals of dog food a day. They love being outside and playing with new people and with the other puppies.¬† They were dewormed for the second time yesterday … More Four Weeks

3 Weeks

The puppies turned three weeks old this past Tuesday. They have started eating solid food, their eyes are fully opened and they are so much fun. They have loved exploring the great outdoors this week and getting to meet some new humans.hey get bigger, stronger and smarter every day. We’ve started potty training them the … More 3 Weeks

Two Weeks

The puppies turned two weeks this past Tuesday. They just started opening their eyes which has made them more curious, active and animated. We have been busy taking care of their first deworming and clipping their nails. We also received notification that their AKC registration paperwork has been approved and their starter kit is on … More Two Weeks

One Week Old

The puppies have reached the one week mark! They are growing so quickly! They have doubled their weight and they are beginning to walk on all fours instead of crawling on their bellies. They had their first vet visit where they received a clean bill of health. They also had their dew claws removed. We … More One Week Old